As times have changed, so has the way that we view one of the essential aspects of our lives, our work. The idea that we see companies have changed drastically from what they used to be, we expect our company to share beliefs, attitudes, and missions with ourselves and to be a community. While many tools have risen for companies during the rise of social media and the modern age, none have been to develop their culture. To deal with the ever-growing importance and significance of having a sustained community within the company. That is what we are working on in Freedom, to help the company leadership reconnect with its employees and help disseminate information to them, while at the same time giving them a place to have a conversation and a voice within their workplace. Having a well-managed and thriving company culture is no longer a novelty, but a necessity.


 Chamber of Commerce / Commerce Association

While companies might be hard to manage with their employees and bureaucratic system, a chamber or association of commerce, is doubly as hard. Many have outdated forms of newsletter, media, or even worse, phone directories. Freedom can help to reach companies and their leadership with a more direct channel of mobile access while opening channels for business discourse or addressing missions. To help groups as a whole and create solidarity within the community. 



With the relationship between students and administration changing exponentially, we see many universities come to terms with an outdated or lacking channel. An area not designed for the constant explosion of personalized information, lacking a safe, organized platform for the student body to learn and propose ideas and change. Freedom is designed to control the confusion of change with guidelines and a personal control panel to make sure that all voices are heard, yet university values are being kept. Helping to send out important information, school news, events, and class notifications even if students are not present within the classroom. It serves as a personalized and private channel for alumni classes and can keep the relationship between the students and their alma matter for the indefinite future. Having class and student leadership have a larger platform to communicate student body goals and for specified groups to have a stronger platform for their meetings, events, and fundraisers. We want to help the students thrive academically, but with security and privacy needed for the ideal learning environment.

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