Since the beginning of civilizations as Sumer and Egypt, leaders have amassed the scale of people through the power of their voice. It was through their words that they had united their people to one goal, whether to go to war or to build the exceptional and as the wheel of time and technology has turned, new tools used to connect people have been formed. First was the written language, then the printing press, later on, radio and television, so on these technological devices have been used by savvy leaders to unite their people, yet none were designed with that goal in mind. With the birth of social media, the ability to connect the world has risen, yet the hyper-connectivity has left many in isolation. With the creation of abundance in technology not designed for the group, but the individual majority, a crisis of confusion has occurred. Freedom was created to harness the opportunity of social media and its hyper-connectivity with the mission, goal, and purpose that the group and its leadership give. Creating a personal space for the group, to have discussions, dissemination of information, and to bring forth new ideas.

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