Finally, there is a way for political parties and members to interact in a more efficient way, learning from each others and by consequence, acting more efficient to develop better communities.

One of the most important key factors to winning elections is to understand the main needs of communities. It’s no secret. The bigger the party, the more difficult it will be for a leader to understand and be more sensible to the needs of the people. Freedom will improve the interaction between members and parties. Freedom will completely change the game. it will let leaders of political parties connect directly with its base members, thus allowing leaders to gain rich and valuable information about its base.

Members of political parties are leaders looking to improve their towns and countries. They want to be able to show their work. They want a sense of belonging to their party and want to help build it. But they have no clear view of how their political party is structured and how they can move up in the organization. The party doesn’t provide the necessary tools for members to work, communicate and share ideas efficiently. That is where Freedom comes in.

In January 2017, at Harvard’s campus, this platform made its first presentation and brought on board a group of successful entrepreneurs committed to make this happen worldwide.