Linking groups of people together in common, missions, goals or work.

Freedom is an application to link groups of people together in common missions, goals, or work.

Designed to service leaders in group and 

organizations to better reach their followings as

well as give voices to the populous and minority.

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Endless ways to interact and connect with your group.


To redefine social media's effect on

politics and business as well as redefine what

the reasons are that we choose to form identities.


for Politics

Freedom was created to harness the opportunity of social media and its hyper connectivity with the mission, goal and purpose that the group and its leadership give


for Business

Freedom gives business leaders the tools to become community leaders, creating a private space free of misinformation for your company and only your company.

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for Education

Freedom allows administrators to control the confusion of change with their own guidelines and an administrator control panel to make sure that all voices are heard, yet university values are being upheld.

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If you want your community to

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